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Gulf Coast Pain Management


Lynne Carr Columbus, D.O.,
President, Gulf Coast Pain Management
Anesthesiology; treating pain unresponsive to conventional treatments.
Certified by the SASSI Institute
Certified Independent Medical Examiner

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Lynne Carr Columbus, D.O.,

Making appointments

Patients may be seen by appointment only. Our appointment desk is open Monday through Friday  form 8:30AM until 4:30PM. For your convenience, appointments and follow up visits are also  available through our email service at
The initial visit 

On your initial visit, we will begin a medical record file. It is highly recommended that you bring  your current (not more than a year old) x‑rays, MRI's, CT scans, and myelogram films along with  the interpretive reports. It is important that you bring a list of the medications you are currently  taking, as well as a list of any drug allergies that you may have. Please bring any old medical  records that are relevant to your painful disorder.  If you are currently receiving pain medications  from another physician, such as narcotics, please bring their office notes with you. No narcotics will be prescribed without these notes.

You will be given a new patient packet to fill out prior to your initial visit. We ask  that you have  these forms filled out upon arrival to our office, to expedite your visit. We would like you to bring  your current insurance cards and driver's license or form of identification. If you have specific  insurance questions, it would be helpful to check your insurance company before your  appointment. Our staff will also be available to help you with your questions. All necessary  referrals must be obtained prior to your appointment, or you will not be able to be seen, this is your insurance company's policy. 

Urine Testing & what it means to YOU
How Does Urine Drug Testing (UDT) Help You?

  • UDT permits us to prescribe the safest and most effective pain medications.

  • UDT helps us reduce medication side effects because medications do not effect everyone the same way.

  • UDT provides critical information needed to adjust your pain medication dosages.

Tips for Prescription Safety

* Do not take medication that aren't prescribed for you by your health care provider
*Consult your physician before combining sedatives or anti-anxiety drugs with pain medications.
* Do not use opioid (narcotic) medications as sleeping pills.
* Do not take pain medication with alcohol.
* Never give your pain medications to someone else, for any reason.
* Do not suddenly stop taking a medicine.
* Make a list of all your medications and bring it to each medical appointment.
* Lock up painkillers to keep them out of other people's hands.

What is Urine Drug Testing?
Urine Drug Testing (UDT) is a process that measures the presence and amounts of medications in your urine, and other substances that could interfere with your meds. These tests allow us to properly prescribe medications as part of your pain management treatment plan.

Why do we perform UDT?
Prescription medications are a common form of treatment for chronic pain. However, each person reacts differently to them. UDT enables us to identify individual risks related to your medications and avoid problems.

What is the UDT process?
you will be asked to provide a sample of urine in the cup given to you by our office, using the bathroom facilities on site. Please do not alter the cup in any way. Our staff will interpret the results and may send the sample to an outside laboratory.

What happens once my sample is sent to the lab?
The lab will run a series of tests to confirm the levels of both prescribed and non-prescribed drugs in your system. The usually return lab results the next business day, ensuring we can refill your prescriptions promptly. When our office receives your results, they are carefully reviewed. Your treatment may be adjusted at this point.

Are my results confidential?
Yes. All results are confidential and remain protected as part of your patient record.

How often will I be tested?
Your testing will occur either on a random basis, or at certain appointments as determined by our staff.

All prescriptions and authorizations for renewals should be requested between 8:30AM and  5:00PM, Monday through Thursday. For your protection,  evening and weekend renewals will not  be accepted because the doctor must have your chart to renew your medication. Check your  medication supply frequently. Call us before medications “run out” so that there is no chance of  lapse. We require 24 hour notice for refills. We require 48 hour notification for controlled  substances. All controlled substances require picture identification  at the time of pick up, you may be requested to be seen in follow up prior to renewal of controlled substance prescriptions. If a  medication is lost or stolen, a police report is required prior to refill.  Prescriptions and renewals  may also be requested via our
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Thank you
Thank you for placing your confidence in us to evaluate and treat your problem.


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NEW Office Address
Office Hours 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
Phone: (727) 789-0891 office Fax: (727) 789-1570
Northwood Plaza Medical Building

3001 Eastland Blvd. Suite 7 Clearwater, FL 33761



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